Loving Your Actual Neighbors

Podcast with Asherita Ciuciu

Have you ever heard the audible voice of God? The closest I’ve ever come was an unforgettable moment when He directed me to look out my window at the women around my home.

Recently I shared on my friend Asheritah Ciuciu’s podcast how this was the beginning of The Neighborhood Café, a simple way to start a neighborhood Bible study. We also talked about practical ways we can get to know our neighbors better with the goal of loving them well.

Asheritah also prayed a beautiful guided prayer for our neighbors using a memorable acronym:

  • Recite God’s Goodness
  • Express Your Neediness
  • Seek His Stillness
  • Trust His Faithfulness

Join our conversation at the Prayers of REST podcast, then share this post with a friend so that they can be encouraged to REST in God’s presence even when relationships get tricky.

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