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Love God

How do we love God when life’s disappointments are slowly eating away at our souls, one little bite at a time?

Love your neighbor

Do you long to form authentic relationships and create a safe, secure community to live and raise your family?

Neighborhood Cafe

The Neighborhood Cafe is a time to get to know your neighbors over coffee at your kitchen table, the best place for starting new friendships and deepening old ones. Download free planning tools & invitations.

Small Group Guides

A free 12-week small group guide to accompany “How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird” with practical, adaptable tips to implement immediately in your neighborhood.


Discover words rooted in ancient Scripture yet rich in modern application to help women discover lasting hope during difficult days—then share it with a neighbor.  Let’s have coffee at my kitchen table.

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reader reviews & speaker feedback

When I heard about the book “How To Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird” by Amy Lively, I snapped it up – I was hoping for more ideas on ways to reach out to these people whose names I finally know! You know how sometimes it feels like a chore to finish reading certain books? This book was not like that. Lively opens up with her personal testimony, and then tells the story of how she started a neighborhood Bible study. She effortlessly weaves stories into encouragement for why we need to reach out to our neighbors, the benefits and challenges, and practical encouragement.


Goodreads review

The “Hope Fully” study has strengthened my walk! Amy helped me see the value of suffering and how to let God use suffering to help me grow, and to HOPE FULLY for my future and His will in my life. I appreciated her vulnerability and her compassion! I liked how we used the Bible as an integrated whole as we studied one book, and the historical perspectives related to the 1 Peter time frame. Amy kept my attention in each lesson; she made it so interesting and so Biblical. This topic was so relevant during this time of turmoil that we’re in!

Hope Fully Participants

Clearview Community Church, Colorado

We were overwhelmingly blessed and inspired by your words. I believe that our prayers were answered when we prayed that you would allow God to speak through you. Not your word but His!

I ran into one of our ladies yesterday and she was so excited! First she said how convicted she was that she had never reached out to her neighbors. But then she followed up with, “After hearing Amy, I am motivated because she made it sound so simple. I can do this!”  


Director of Women's Ministry, Texas

How to Pray for Your Neighbor

Do you wonder how to pray for the neighbors on your street, your friends and family – or even for yourself? I’d like to send you a free prayer guide with words straight from Scripture, with space to fill in your loved one’s name, so you can pray with confidence and hope-filled expectation.

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