I’m not the “If I don’t write today my soul will just shrivel up and die!” kind of writer. I’m more of the “Shoot, I guess I’m going to have to write about this” kind. I’m a painfully slow writer. More words end up in the trash bin than you’ll ever see on my blog. The blank page mocks me. Social media terrifies me. Hashtags? Oh, please. 

But when I sit with God’s Word, He points out upside-down and inside-out ways of living and loving that do rattle my soul. At first His words are poetic. Then they’re insulting. I struggle and fight with the Holy Spirit on nearly every page. I study and cry and pray and learn.  It’s a hard process (downright ugly, if I’m honest – which I always am) as God confronts my fears and excuses, slices away at my pride and selfishness, then reveals hope and purpose. Finally, His Word becomes my Truth. 

As I process the terrible wonderful experience, my thoughts come out in third person – like I’m talking to someone else.

Like I’m talking to you.

 And so, I write.

Thank you for reading these hard-won words. 

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