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Sitting with a circle of friends is where God’s Word comes alive for me, and teaching in this intimate setting is my greatest joy. That’s why, as I was writing Can I Borrow a Cup of Hope?, Small Groups and Bible Studies were at the forefront of my mind and in the center of my prayers.

Tucked inside each chapter, you’ll find questions that lead deeper into Scripture and real-life application. Certain questions are highlighted that lend themselves easily to group discussions. I wrote the book so that experienced churchgoers, baby believers, and even questioning seekers can all turn its pages together sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. The context of stories is explained and there are no assumptions that everyone speaks the same Christian-ese language.

My Small Group Resources were developed to make it as easy as possible to bring your cups to the table, pour out your wisdom, and receive a refill of Living Hope in Jesus Christ. Please don’t hesitate schedule a time to talk with me about how this book might bless your ministry!

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Small Group Resources

This is what you’ll receive when you register your Small Group or Bible Study:

1. SMALL GROUP GUIDE with tips for facilitating group discussion, the highlighted discussion questions from each lesson, and a suggested schedule for a 6, 7, or 8-week study. Make as many copies as you’d like! 

2. VIDEO CALL with Amy to talk one-on-one, with your leadership team, or with your entire group. 

3. EXCERPT so you can start reading now – or print to get started before your books arrive.

4. SIGNED BOOKPLATE personalized for each member of your group with a greeting from Amy, and a cute sticker.

5. BIBLE VERSE ART you can print and frame as prizes for your group, give everyone a bookmark, and use as lock screen on your phone to memorize the key Bible verse. 

6. Drink RECIPES to fill your cup with deliciousness as you read the book. Try a new one every week!

7. Note CARDS to print and share, sending encouragement that reflects the themes of the book.

As someone who has been deeply involved in ministry, I understand the joys and challenges of nurturing and guiding people. Some are experiencing personal tragedies of Biblical proportions they never saw coming. For others, life’s inevitable ordeals and daily frustrations are slowly eating away at their souls, one little bite at a time.

These are the people who were on my heart as I wrote Can I Borrow a Cup of Hope? How to Find Faith for Hard Times in 1 Peter. The apostle Peter knows what it’s like when all your hope is gone: he watched as his Hope was arrested, crucified, and buried—then Peter publicly failed every test of his faith. Peter (and his wife!) will show us how to set aside our hopeless fears or hopeful fantasies and set our hope fully in Christ’s faithfulness. If you chose my book, your group will learn how to:


  • Trust God’s timing and good intentions
  • Have faith on the not-so-good days
  • React to chaos and confusion with a calm, clear-headed, Christlike response
  • Apply five simple and effective coping strategies when the world turns upside down
  • Shed the shame of past mistakes and share their stories for God’s glory

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