How to Have Your Entire Town to Dinner

Maybe you’ve seen my Stories or heard rumors about the free community dinner in my hometown that stretches for blocks? It’s all true! Since word has gotten out, small towns around the U.S. have asked:

How did you start an annual community dinner for over 3,000 guests
How is it free to attend the dinner?
How can we do this in our town?

My friend and fellow Dinner planner answered all these questions and more in an Instagram Live. Tune in to learn how you can have your entire town for dinner (spoiler alert: it’s a pot luck!) while creating unity amid diversity.

The Instagram video covers:

  • How did your dinner get started – and how can I start my own?
    • While our community bonded over a crisis and catastrophe, you can also unite around a cause or celebration.
  • Who should I have on the team?
    • A volunteer team representing town, schools, businesses, churches, community, and law enforcement should oversee town permits, street closures, budget, table and chair rental, fundraising, table host resources, trash, bathrooms, security, table reservations, communication, volunteers, and insurance.
  • How do you pay for this?
    • Small local gifts from individuals and organizations, no grants. Local bank accepts donations in person, online giving through PayPal, in person gifts at the event. T-shirt sales are the only fundraiser, working with local vendor to preorder with no inventory or investment.
  • What are other communities doing?
    • Chili cookoff, table decorating contest, pay per plate, live music, kids activities. Towns in Colorado, Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, Washington, Oregon – are you next? 



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