Coronavirus Quiz

We’re all in this together, but we’ve had vastly different experiences dealing with COVID-19.


Reflect upon how the pandemic has affected you in the areas of personal loss, health and wellness, community, economic impact, vocation, and mental health. Check the appropriate response to calculate your Coronavirus Quiz score. Envision your neighbors’ homes, and try to answer these questions for the people who live nearest to you. How has their experience been the same or different from yours? 

    Interpreting Your Coronavirus Quiz Score

    SCORE = 6-10

    This has been a season of reflection and growth. You may be in a position to encourage your neighbors and offer assistance.  

    SCORE = 11-15

    You have been frustrated, but are generally coping well. With a good support system, you may able to offer support to a neighbor as well. 

    SCORE = 16-20

    Long stretches of hard days have been marked with few bright spots. Look for creative ways to connect with a friend who also needs a lift.

    SCORE = 21-25

    You are going to make it, but we know it’s not easy. Balance caring for others with time to refresh your own body, soul, and spirit. 

    SCORE = 26-30

    Please allow others to minister to you and help carry your burdens. Be open about your hardships and honest about your needs. 

    How to use the Coronavirus Quiz

    This quiz measures the health of your soul and spirit; it is not a diagnostic tool for COVID-19 symptoms. Consult a medical professional if you think you may have the virus.

    Here are some ways you can use your Coronavirus Quiz score:

    • Praise God for His protection and provision each painful day of the pandemic
    • Ask someone to pray with you about the areas most impacted in your life 
    • Build empathy and gain understanding for others who have had a very different experience than you
    • Dedicate time for self-care as you evaluate your own needs
    • Seek help from a friend, pastor, counselor, or crisis center if you are anxious or overwhelmed 
    • Start a conversation with a neighbor about how they’ve been impacted by the pandemic
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