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11149360_914711801913368_4060932819486945684_nWe would like to thank you for purchasing How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird! To equip you to get started in your neighborhood, we are offering these free these practical tools –

  • 10 CARDS to ask your neighbor over for coffee, board games, BBQ – you name it! Invite one neighbor or the whole block, whatever works best for you.
  • 2 COFFEES Single-serve Columbian coffees, one for you and one for a neighbor.
  • 2 COASTERS to put under your coffee.

Here’s how to get your free gift:

  1. BUY the book in paperback or eBook.
  2. SEND me your receipt or, better yet, a picture of you with your book in your neighborhood!
  3. RECEIVE your free gifts in the mail!


Claim your free gift!

All fields are required. Quantities are limited. One per household, please.

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You may also email your receipt or picture with your mailing address to amy@howtoloveyourneighbor.


Books are available at your locak bookseller & these online retailers:

Join these folks in loving your neighbor!

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