How to “Do the Thing” (and a giveaway!)

Got a goal? Need some gumption?

Then you need this book.

I wish Rebecca George would’ve written this book before I had the crazy idea to start a neighborhood Bible study. I could have used a coach like her when I had no idea where to start or what to do, when it felt overwhelming and scary. If I’d had just a little more gumption and realized just how much grace was there to help me, I might not have put off this Great. Big. Goal. for as long as I did.

Thankfully, Do the Thing: Gospel-Centered Goals, Gumption, and Grace for the Go-Getter Girl is here to help. Your cute little side hobby might just be God’s next assignment or calling for your life. It’s easy to make light of our interests, especially when we feel like God is leading us toward something new.  Maybe we fear failure or just don’t want to intimidate others. Possibly it’s insecurity. However, no assignment given to us by God is “little” in His eyes. So we shouldn’t treat it as such either!

Rebecca calls these our “glory goals,” the way that your gifts and talents can be used in this season to build the Kingdom and advance
the gospel. Sometimes this might feel mundane (or even really big and scary), depending on your season, but it’s a way to define your calling a little differently. You’ll walk away after reading this book believing and knowing the character of God more deeply and, as a result, who He has made you to be. An outpouring of that truth will help us rightly see the work He’s given us to do.

Win a copy of “Do the Thing!”

Tell us what God is stirring in your heart. Leave a comment below to be entered to win this goal guide for go getter girls! Contest ends April 11, 2023. 


Do The Thing: Gospel-Centered Goals, Gumption, and Grace for the Go-Getter Girl

by Rebecca George

What is your “thing”? Surely there’s a better way to view it than through a lens of striving and worldly achievement.

You may have a special cause, project, or talent you feel called to develop. Fear and lack of clarity often make it easier to avoid the “thing” than risk failing at it.

Rebecca George is an encouraging voice in your ear to say, “Let’s not waste another minute of the all-too-brief time we have on this side of eternity.” She shows you how to pursue your goal with grace and confidence.

Part guide, part manifesto, Do the Thing beckons you to pursue the passions that stir your soul.

Rebecca George is an author, speaker, and host of the popular podcast Radical Radiance. Her greatest joy is helping women pursue their passions in a way that builds God’s kingdom. In her free time, she loves running outside or trying a new recipe with Garth Brooks playing in the background. Connect with Rebecca at or on Instagram @rebeccageorgeauthor


  1. Becky Joye Howell

    I am praying for more patience in my life. Patience that will be felt by my Alzheimer husband of 57 yrs. I request prayer for him and for me as I am about to get a new hip. It will be difficult since I am his caregiver. I pray to find some honest, good, help during recovery time.

    • Amy Lively

      Becky, I’m so sorry to hear of your husband. I have prayed for God to send help and healing, and I’ve let Randy and Donna know so they can pray too. We are sending you love with those prayers!

  2. Wendy Wallace

    I believe that God has called me into coaching. I love encouraging others & guiding them through Scripture, to help them find peace & joy in their lives, especially through hardships

    • Amy Lively

      What a beautiful and necessary service, Wendy! So often I think of coaching as “making good things better” but I love your approach of spiritual mentorship and discipling through life’s struggles.

  3. Charlotte

    Thank you, Amy! We/I have done neighborly cookouts, Christmas Brunches, and birthday brunches. I’d like to be more spontaneous and intentional at Coffee or Tea with Me, at my home. I’m getting more comfortable mentor a young woman, and hope to bring spiritual things in more and suggest a book/Bible study. Happy Resurrection Day!

    • Amy Lively

      Charlotte, this is lovely! Spontaneous and intentional may seem opposite, but we can hold them both together. I pray that the Lord opens our eyes to opportunities to love others well!

  4. Stephanie E Weeden

    Hello! I have a glory goal! We are about to buy a house in a neighborhood right next to a park and a church that runs a daily food pantry for the homeless, poor or lonely on our neighborhood. Right now it’s just practical – handing out food, even though all the volunteers identify as Christian. I would love to start paying and opening God’s word together and with our guests. Lord, please give me gumption!

    • Amy Lively

      Stephanie, God has placed you in this new home for His purposes! I will pray with you for timing and partnerships to be made clear. May you be a blessing to your new neighborhood and find joy in obeying Christ’s commands there!

  5. Linda Neely

    I need someone to stand beside me and say that daily, “Do the thing?” I’m quite an introvert so it’s been challenging to join in many of our churches outreach ministries. I’d especially like to get more involved with a group called “God’s Girls” in their feeding ministry. I don’t know what holds me back. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book.

    • Amy Lively

      Linda, I am so intimately familiar with the longing to do something accompanied by fears, doubts, and discouragement. I pray you will find wisdom, courage, and clarity to follow God’s leading.


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