Kind Words from Amy Carroll and Lynn Cowell

“In Can I Borrow a Cup of Hope? Amy Lively achieves two of my favorite things: engaging teaching and deep Bible study. This thoroughly researched study of 1 Peter weaves the scriptural threads of Peter’s story together in ways that will challenge the mature Bible student and thrill the newest. As I connected my story to Peter’s in the book’s practical exercises, I had both ‘aha’ and ‘oh ouch!’ moments. This is the resource you need to fan the flame of hope.”

Amy Carroll

coauthor of Esther: Seeing Our Invisible God in an Uncertain World

How we met…

Amy Carroll has a Southern drawl that goes so sweetly with her tender heart. She’s also a woman of firm convictions who speaks God’s word with a strong voice. She’s been a dear friend since we met at the Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference. Amy is a major contributor to the bonus chapter for How to Love Your Neighbor Without Being Weird. 

Lynn Cowell spoke life into me. She was my first speaking coach at the She Speaks Conference, and I still remember the opening words of my practice speech. I was intimidated, I was afraid; she was beautiful, she was bold. And I left her presence more bold, less intimated, less afraid. Over 15 years later, she’s still encouraging me as an author and friend.

Amy and Lynn teamed up to write Esther: Seeing Our Invisible God in an Uncertain World which I was delighted to endorse. I owe such a debt of gratitude to these two friends!

“If you’re looking for a cushy, fluffy, make-me-feel-good-about-myself book, this is not the study for you. If, however, you yearn to grow deeper as a disciple of Jesus by learning what true spiritual maturity is and how to get there, this study of 1 Peter will help you mine each gem and do the hard work as Peter challenges us to do. Thank you so much for this resource, Amy!”

Lynn Cowell

author and speaker


Amy & Lynn gave me wonderfully kind words… and I’m giving you their wonderful words!

It’s impossible to repay my friends’ kindness, but I can pay it forward!

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  1. Sandra Woolfolk

    Would love the book and use it with prayer group or individual study 😊❤️

    • Amy Lively

      Thank you, Sandra – it is a wonderful book for both of those purposes!

  2. Tricia

    Would love to share with ladies in my family that have been going through difficult times recently.

    • Amy Lively

      “Esther” is the perfect accompaniment to difficult times. They may also like my book. I see your email address and will send you an excerpt.

      • Amy Lively

        Tricia, you’ve won a copy of “Esther: Seeing Our Invisible God in an Uncertain World” by Amy Carroll and Lynn Cowell! Please send your shipping address to me at Congratulations! I pray this is a blessing to your family.


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