It was 2013 when I was first introduced to this talented, insightful, and godly woman. Blythe Daniel of The Blythe Daniel Agency is super sharp, well connected, and highly respected in the Christian publishing world. She knows this industry inside out, from blogging to writing her own book and representing authors in many genres. She even signed her own son to write his first book in middle school!

When Blythe offered to represent me for a new book that’s been burning in my heart, I jumped at the chance.


Blythe, thank you for believing in my dreams and my passions, and for helping me launch new words to the world.


Going back even farther, in 2007 these words were spoken over me during in prayer:

“Lord, we thank you for Amy’s life. We thank you for the things you’re going to do in her life, the things that you’re going to reveal to her. I sense that Amy’s going to put you into some books to read. He’s going to take you into a deeper understanding of some things through some books. Thank you, God. We ask, Lord, that you would continue to bless her and bless her family, and enable her to hold onto you. We pray good things for her, that she would continue hearing your voice and going deep. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

At that time, I was relatively new to following Jesus wholeheartedly. I was devouring my Bible and had just started ministry school, but had never written a single word of what He whispered in my ear in the quiet morning hours. Blogging was a stretch, and a book was out of the question! Social media had barely been invented.

Editing and encouraging other authors first fulfilled this prophetic word, but little did I know that my new adventure in loving my neighbor would become my first book – or that others would bloom. 

I can still confidently say Amen to this prayer every day. My heart’s desire is to hear His voice and understand the deep things of God, and the privilege of sharing this with you in the written word makes my joy complete.



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