Christmas Advent Countdown Craft

This simple craft is a fun and festive way to count down the days until Christmas while remembering the real reason we celebrate!


It’s made by removing the glass from an old photo frame, inserting Christmas paper, and gluing on a small clothespin to hold a card that counts down the days until Christmas. So simple, even the Pinterest-impaired can do it (like me!).

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You’ll need three sheets of cardstock per craft if you can print them on both sides; otherwise, you’ll need six sheets of cardstock per craft. Trim the cards to size using scissors or a paper cutter. If you print on both sides of the paper, the cards will match up with the same number on both sides. One side of the card has a cute Christmassy decoration with the countdown number, while the other side also has a Bible verse about the coming King.


Christmas paper

If you used the invitation that says, “Bring an old 4×6 photo frame to create a Christmas countdown,” then your neighbors should bring their own frame to your Open House. If you have any extra around the house, it wouldn’t hurt to have them handy.

Bring an old 4x6 photo frame to create a Christmas countdown

Remove the glass from the frame and insert Christmas scrapbook paper or gift wrap that you’ve cut down to size.



Glue a mini clothespin onto the Christmas paper. You might find it helpful to clip a card to the clothespin then position it on the paper before you glue it down (or you could end up with clothespins in all the wrong places… like I did…).



Clip the appropriate card to the clothespin. There are 25 cards to count down each day in December (on December 1, insert card 25, etc. – you may have understood that easily, but it took me a while to figure it out!). Store the remaining cards in a bag tucked behind the frame, and change the card daily as you count down to Christmas!


Complete Supply List

  • 4×6 photo frame, glass removed
  • Cardstock (heavy white paper) – 3 or 6 sheets per craft
  • Christmas scrapbook paper or gift wrap
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Glue
  • Mini clothespin
  • Small bag to store extra card


This craft is an instant ice-breaker with your neighbors. Bringing their own frame makes creates involvement and interaction. Having an activity to do together makes the time go faster and eases any awkwardness when meeting people for the first time.


Take a picture of your Open House and countdown craft, and post it on our Facebook page!

Your neighbors will take home a memorable gift celebrating the birth of Christ – and the birth of a new friendship!

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